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Elixir Light Qigong / Dan Ming Qigong (丹明 气功)

ELIXIR LIGHT QIGONG @ Namaste Healing Center

These Qigong classes are a wonderful introduction to the Elixir Light Qigong in a group setting that creates an enriching transformation to help one another refine and bring harmony to mind, body, and spirit. These classes integrate gentle and flowing Qigong movement with breathing and meditative practices used as an excellent way to restore natural balance of our whole being. These practices promote physical and energetic realignment and cleansing to strengthen of our bodies and help release stress and tensions aiding emotional wellbeing. In addition, they strengthen our main energy centers and our bodies, as well as integrate these energy centers so that they in turn support us in our everyday interactions. In addition, we practice the Awakening Awareness meditation, followed by deep breathing method that promotes an overall deep, relaxing, and healing state. The exercises practiced during this one-hour Qigong class are arranged into a flowing, peaceful, and rejuvenating experience we all can use to restore balance in our lives and unwind after a day of work as quickly as possible important in preventing stress related illness and promoting overall wellbeing. These classes give students an opportunity to review materials that they have learned and deepen their practice.

Join Dan for an evening of Qigong practice. During each class, we explore the nature of Qi and energy cultivation as we learn the foundations of Elixir Light Qigong. See Class Schedule for details.


Elixir Light Qigong draws on ancient Buddhist and Taoist practices to help practitioners develop their full potential as human beings. It was founded by Robert Peng, an internationally-renowned and highly sought-after Healer, Qigong Master, and author of Qigong Master: My Life and Secret Teachings. As a boy in China, Robert Peng apprenticed secretly under a legendary monk, Xiao Yao, who trained him in the martial and healing arts. As part of his training, Peng spent 100 days meditating and fasting in a dark, underground chamber deep in the mountains of the Chinese countryside. Xiao Yao visited him daily and instructed him in advanced practices to accelerate his spiritual development. Today, Robert uses his spiritual powers and healing abilities to help and teach people worldwide. To learn more about Elixir Light Qigong and Master Robert Peng, visit


"FOUR GOLDEN WHEELS" is a moving exercise that helps you develop your body's capacity to draw energy from the Universe into your energy centers (Dantians), which later can be manifested back through your body to empower your daily activities.

"THREE TREASURES STANDING MEDITATION" is a standing exercise composed of several different static postures that teaches you to strengthen your willpower. Each posture activates one of the Three Treasures as well as one of the Four Golden Wheels one by one, and then integrates all of these qualities together into a unified energy field to support your endeavors.

"LOTUS MEDITATION" allows you to develop and strengthen your connection to your middle dantian, the energy center associated with your heart, and to the energy of divine love that you're merged with. This sitting mediation combines beautiful visualizations and, as become proficient with the practice, you can find yourself more compassionate and expressing these qualities naturally in your life.

"CONNECTING UNIVERSE" is a Qigong meditation that develops our Central Meridian into a powerful column of energy as it absorbs vast amounts of fresh Qi form the Universe during this practice.


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These Qigong classes are open to All.