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Seasonal Qigong Empowerment

Join thousands of Qigong practitioners worldwide who practice the Jieqi Seasonal Empowerment about twice a month. As the sun shines on the earth at a certain degree, at that particular moment, the whole galaxy and the planet release tremendous energy.

"Qigong Masters of Ancient China realized that singular moments in time are richly imbued with life force, and they developed specific meditation and movement practices to leverage that energy. This practice is called Jieqi Qigong Seasonal Empowerment. Synchronized with the vast sea of energy in the universe, even miracles can happen. Inspired by my Master Xiao Yao, I now offer this ancient and secret practice publicly." -- Robert Peng

To learn more about the practice and join the free practice circle with Master Robert Peng, vist Jieqi Qigong Seasonal Empowerment.